Editorials 8 things that happen to you when you stop having sex

8 things that happen to you when you stop having sex


Here are some of the effects of lacking s*x that most people don’t know about

Dry spells – lack of s*x – is something that almost every human can relate to.

But do you know what is happening to your body when you’re in one of those long dry spells?

Many don’t have an idea.

Here is a clue according to research by The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV.

You might feel more depressed and anxious

s*x isn’t just something that feels good in the moment – it can make you feel good all day long.

It’s well known that the release of endorphins during and after love-making improves your mood and makes you less stressed. So, when you stop, you will no longer benefit from that release.

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  3. what of those that haven’t marry? should they commit fornication? but remember that bible says that he that commits fornication sinned against his own body

  4. It take some moments and period for a person body to quickly re-adjust after some long spells of not having sex!!