News 500Level LAUTECH student commits suicide by hanging himself

500Level LAUTECH student commits suicide by hanging himself


A 500L LAUTECH student, Adesoji James Adediran,  committed suicide by hanging himself earlier today.

His colleague shared this touching tribute to him.

Lautech mourn again!!! Urp 500lv in remorseful mode !!!
Adesoji James Adediran cant believe my eyes when i saw adieu in your name, i dont knw this is what you mean when you said “i am not coming to class again” when you said it when we finish test last week…. Haa SOJ the best Chelsea fans i ever knw, the best record keeper who dont need google before he tell u history in football, already missing u BRO… cant get hold of my self since i heard about your death i know God knws the best …rest in peace bro
The reason behind is action remains unknown. We would bring you more update as the news unfold.

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  1. Is this the era of committing suicide, Pls anyone seen trying to commit suicide should just be kept under close surveillance, because we are in this recession together. Nobody is going anywhere. Rip anyway.

  2. Let him clap for himself, I have told people dat whenever u see someone trying to commit suicide d officer should get dem arrested, we all are into this recession no one is going any were

  3. i dont know what is wrong with some youth,they are just taking their life anyhow as if there is greater hope and better reward or enjoyment after killing themselves,i dont just know what is going on,i think parents should start praying for their children,they should pray against the devices of the devil,oh i wonder if they wil make heaven…pls youth out there,please take things easy,dnt think of commiting sucide,killing yourself wont give u eternal peace but it wil only compound your problems by the time you get to hell..

  4. gist reel today sunday news no sweet me at all at all.killing killing everything move round u will see dem de do wedding abeg bring de news com

  5. gist reel today sunday news no sweet me at all at all,killing killing everytime,move round u wil see where dem de do wedding abeg bring de news com

  6. Come why them allow am die…who he dey leave for this recession,make them wake am oh na all of us vote Buhari we must finish am together..

  7. i dnt knw when committing suicide has become so rampant among we black, especially nigerians, it is a white man way, nt we black, am suspecting a foul play somewhere, a typical african man i knw wil strife to survive even in d face of death no matter d threat or terror at hand, i think deep investigatory panel shld be set up to actually knw d major reason behind d supposedly suicidal claim at every given time

  8. Hmmm Just negodu the pains you have caused your parents….. All they spent on you have just become a total waste….. Won’t conclude yet since the reason behind your action is yet undisclosed

  9. NIGERIAN have watch ALOT of Indian movies to d extend of practicing dia act.. Am so pained.. So now in rating after India is Nig interms of commiting suicide SMH

  10. Y bro, instead of just dying a wasted life , y not submit urself to retualist to make a bêtter use of ur head, heart and some useful body parts of urs , to make gud money ehhhhh LOL RIP

    • Remember the story of Otu Effiong, the Maritime guy that committed suicide in 2014 cos his gf dumped him, it was a joke that didn’t end well. But this particular one, I think there’s more to it cos nobody is really saying anything. All these suiside missions are not really ordinary most times

    • O heavenly father dat my vilage people are trin 2 play wit my destiny o father lord let dm fal down n die

  11. Let him die, good for him, he is a coward he cant confront his problems as a man.. If am their i will help him arrange the rope very well but he did it alone … Abeg i waka pass

    • Patience, Godwin, Ugo.. Do you no wat it takes to commit suicide? A man to take his life and you people pity that kind of person? The bible condemned it, he is going straight to hell,he is a coward if you people so cherished the way he died y not take a rope or wrapper and commit suicide? We have to face reality he took his life instead of facing his problems as a man you sit there and speak nonsense.. I urge you all to go and commit suicide… Nonsense..

    • I detest and condemn the act like the Bible does, but who am I to judge him……I don’t know what he passed thru before making thar decision, committing suicide is never the best option, but I pray to God not to go thru anything that’s difficult to the point of committing suicide. Amen

    • Wilfred Dike, I perfectly understood but when see anybody around you trying to do so, pls don’t talk this way try to help him/her in ur little way. Bros, depression is a serious sickness.

    • Well its unfortunate but my advice is dat suicide should not be an option, suicides re for terrorist or is he a terrorist, i also heard a medical doctor jumped out of 3rd milan bridge in Lagos and drown.. All these are rubbish, if you feel depressed go for counseling or you seek the face of God. Take your own life is a taboo in my place..

    • Wilfred Dike,the more you talk,the more you show your ignorance do you know how many young folks ,both rich and poor that are going through depression,bipolar disorder and other related psychiatric disorder. A whole lot of them are scared of seeking for help bcos of insensitive and ignorant fools like you who will probably tell them they’re possessed with an evil spirit. Pls this is a very sensitive issue mind the way you talk.depression is a silent killer and its eating deep into our society. Its not something to be joked guided.

    • Ugo kalu you said my minded, Wilfred Dike try and read books and make research. it will help you change your view about things.

    • Depression is a very strong force.the people who committed suicide were pushed by forces stronger than them. Depression is worse than cancer because its an attack on the mind. I do not wish even my enemy depression. I have been there and survived by grace . sufferers do not cause their predicament, it just happens on people. The moment someone around you begins to sound hopeless and withdraws from people please help him to get help because the next thing may be suicide.

    • Thank God you over come your depression,that means you were able to confront your problems.. @ Uche

    • Wilfred Dike depression is an emotional disorder, its not caused by any known problems, in fact at the point I got depressed, all things were in my favour. I was a very young undergraduate. I had very good grades. I had a family that loved me.had no boyfriend, so was not heart just happens on people. Some personality types are prone to depression and most cases are hereditary. In fact it may interest you to know that most people who have committed suicide are people who have no known challenges. Most of them are notable ,rich and respected members of the society. Depression is no respecter of person. It could happen to anyone at anytime. The knowledge of the symptoms is very important! !

  12. Most people think that committing suicide will ease the pain. My dear, what u never tot about will confront u in the after life. There would be no more repentance, if life seems hopeless then give it up n all to Christ n watch how he’s gonna use u to do mighty work.

  13. U pipu think all dis things are ordinary. .noooooo..dey are nt..even bible talk say d end time will b like is time for we youth to hold God strong and do things in his own ways so dat we will nt perish at d end…rest in peace to d death. ..

  14. May ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace. But u suppose not to commit suicide wen exam is starting tomorrow

  15. E be like say na suicide dey reign now, since this month I Don read like 5 suicide stories, abeg them dey pay una before una do am?

  16. INSTEAD Of committing suicide y not use ureself for money ritual so ure family will enjoy blood money

  17. I know he must have been frustrated however suicide is never the solution. In fact that is the beginning of the worst frustration and there’s no more room for repentance. Handing it all to God l believe is the way forward for God manifests His power when we are weak. .God have mercy

  18. Thanks be to God.. Maybe if this when die Nigeria go good again… Rip u die for the nation…. But if you kill ur self because of girl hell they with for you

  19. Mumu boy, instead of him to come to Aso rock & cause a revolution that will spark change & his name will be in the guiness book of record e go die bcos of woman! Devil go take u do frog jump tire!

    • How did you know it was because of a woman? Obviously it wasn’t stated in the news. If you know the real gist please kindly share.

  20. Ghost 1: Hey Ghost 2: Hey Ghost 1: How did you die?? Ghost 2: I was mistakenly locked up in a refrigerator. At first, i was chilling, then, i started freezing, and then, i couldn’t breathe again… i died of suffocation. Ghost 1: Wow…. what a sad way to die. Ghost 2: Yeah. How did u die? Ghost 1: I died of heart attack. Ghost 2: What happened? Ghost 1: My wife cheated on me. i came back home and saw a man’s pair of shoes. then, i rushed to the bedroom and met only my wife there. She was naked. i knew there was a man in the house coz my neighbor told me. and the man was still in the house as my wife was undressed and scared. so, i started running and searching the whole house. i searched in the kid’s room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, wardrobe and dinning. i couldn’t find him and i was very tired of running, so i got a heart attack. Ghost 2: IDIOT!!!! If u would have checked the refrigerator we would have been both alive by now!!! Hahahaha

  21. parents should be in the gape always for their children through prayers they will surely subdue challenges like this. Sometimes it could be financial or academic stress. There’s always a way out

  22. Some People hang themselves because thing’s are hard,forget not to think how the place of death might be harder there.God’s time is the best,I no fit kill myself.

  23. D guy dey mad over something. Suicide ke,for where? I go hustle any ways get my own money. He ain’t dope enough…mtcheeew

  24. The Nigerian recession is obviously a collective frustration of many Nigerians. Maybe witchcraft join. Hmm

  25. I hate how Nigerians address mental health and suicide… very ignorant and insensitive set of people…

  26. Tomorrow now we go hear say him babe dump am thats y he killed himself …. Na today??? Mtcheeww yamayama dey smell

  27. Killing your self is just like adding petrol to existing fire, my brother when you reach hell that is when you realize you fall stay for this life and tackle your problems

  28. He didn’t commit suicide please verify your story before uploading it.the boy was murdered in his room he had his food in front of him (indomie) which he was about to consume before the untimely death.autopsy result confirms it that there was no rope struggle on his neck,this report is from a member of the family

  29. No mata d depression I don’t c d reason u will want to kill urself, when or u feel u are depress or u av a burden in ur heart share it to trusted friends, elderly people or church leaders dat can lead u to d rite path dan ending ur life like dis.

    • Miriam becos u are depress u will want to kill urself right? Or u want to tell depression is spiritual ni? Have u heard of d word self concept/ self esteem? If u av self concept depression will be far away from u not to talk of killing one’s self.

  30. Abeg oooooooooooooooo I don tire to dey hear bad news biko haba wetin happen make una try post something good to d ears…

    • Bros it’s on ooo…Nothing is working..Your very small and stagnant income chasing increasing living costs..Talk less of those with no earnings at all

    • Bros make I tell you..There’s a classmate of mine that’s into contracting, we got talking and he told me frankly that he is thinking of robbing. This na guy with 4 kids and a wife..I waved it aside as one of those jokes..His account of being neck deep debt and a flurry of other financial problems especially jobs not coming

    • Nwanne I no believe say hin go do until I got a call from another classmate of ours that he was caught robbing in the west..As we speak, he is awaiting trial..Nwanne bizarre things are happening

    • I dey tell you..In a bid to keep being the man, men are talking dangerous routes or simply ending it all

  31. I just finished reading about a Medical Doctor who committed suicide by jumping in a 3rd mainland lagoon

  32. These are acts very alien to us..It just tells you,we’re gradually approaching our thresholds of endurance

  33. May that condition that will make me think of taking my precious life not come in Jesus name, Amen!

  34. Why? What’s the meaning of all these suicide actions all over Nigerians? Buhari suffer head administration is really telling bad on people o. Guys, make una endure am nah. Every today’s wahala will be over nah… wah o

  35. He would have committed it early not now dat his parents have wasted money for noting all in d name of treating him

  36. The real problem to we youths on nowadays is inability to endure our problems, I’ve come to realise that time itself was created by God it perception was created by humanity and materialised by the clocks we put on the wall, but because we’re facing one or two problems makes us lose hope that we can never make it, killing himself doesn’t solve the problem now it will only worsen his judgement let all try to stick to the belief that our present position now is temporary things will still get better oju lo pesi

  37. Depression is high this days, people are depressed, I think psychologist needs to do something

  38. If is about a woman then that’s really disgusting. Am so tired of all dis young folks killing themselves all in the name of love and heartbreaks. Rip anyway

  39. This can’t be true jorhh…this boy can never do that. I see no reason why he should commit suicide. Lailai!! This boy was killed! Let the school try to investigate…..


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