Technology 5 signs you are a definitely a Nigerian tech nerd

5 signs you are a definitely a Nigerian tech nerd


Are there really tech nerds in Nigeria? Things in the country seem so fast-paced and with the difficult economy, it appears everyone is on the hustle. Nobody has the time to fixate on things like tech, talk less of taking on the crown of “tech nerd”. Right?


With new developments in current time though, it is being a little tech nerdy is now kind of trendy, and there are actually highly intellectual individuals who are obsessively passionate over computer technology, or elements of pop culture in Nigeria. Wondering if you fall into the category of people? Jumia Travel reveals 5 signs that show that you are definitely a Nigerian tech nerd.

You know all the local tech sites, blogs and online shops 


Most people just go online to visit BellaNaija or Linda Ikeji, but you go to visit the tech sites and blogs, even ones that are not popular.

You know what online shop is best for buying tech gadgets or products, you spend time commenting on tech issues and reviewing tech products.

Your social media is even tuned into local tech and you belong to a lot of groups sorely related to the Nigeria tech scene.




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