Editorials Top 5's 5 Nollywood Actors Not To Mess With On Social Media

5 Nollywood Actors Not To Mess With On Social Media



Social media is a large community of interaction and socializing. It does not only gives the opportunity for everyone to be up to date, but also keep up with celebrities. As a matter of fact, fans now cease every given chance to lash celebrities via social media

However, some celebrities never take it easy on fans when it comes to replying to their comment. Try dropping silly or negative comments on their social media platform and get ready for a backlash. In case you are thinking of saying something bad on social media, below are 5 Actors you should not try messing with:

1. Kate Henshaw

The 45 year gym addict is definitely one actress you wouldn’t want to mess with. No wonder keeping fit is one of her hobbies; she has to remain strong to always fight back anyone who tires to cross their boundaries. People who are close to Kate Henshaw have attested to the fact that the Actress takes no nonsense from anyone.

Kate-Henshaw-Looking-Gorgeous-In-New-Photos-Debut (1)

This is why followers on instagram take time to recheck and edit their comments, searching for errors and trying and to sound offensive or disrespectful.

  1. ehe,are they not human being, if u talk ill about someone,of cus u will get wat u want