News 5 human skulls, blood found inside pastor’s church in Imo state (graphic...

5 human skulls, blood found inside pastor’s church in Imo state (graphic photos)


An acclaimed man of God, pastor Ngozi Odika, General Overseer of Arch of Covenant Ministry located at Ububo -Alia, Awara in Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area of Imo state was recently beaten black and blue by youths of the area because he allegedly was using his church as a spiritual ground for militants who patronize him for spiritual powers.

According to a witness from the oil rich community, bubble for Odika busted when his girlfriend (name withedd) who is said to be his accomplice, was caught with some fetish objects by some repentant militants from the area.

According to the witness, the lady who was already known to the ex militants was stopped on her way to run an errand for the pastor. She was searched and behold hairs believed to be that of a human, animal horns and other fetish objects was seen on her.

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The bewildered youths wasted no time as they descended on her, beat her to stupor before dragging
her to the pastor at the church where he was already waiting for her.

The beating continued with the pastor as he was later handed to vigilantes in the area .

His altar was later turned upside down and other revelations emerged. In his altar was found 5 human heads buried alongside some other skulls of animals.

It is reported the youths also discovered a basin of blood and fingernails at discreet area of the church.

On interrogation by the vigilantes, the pastor allegedly confessed to being a spiritual father to the militants who come to him for various powers and other members of his church.

Odika was also alleged to use strands of hair of babies dedicated at the church for his devilish rituals.

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The source alleged that the pastor after preparing charms for some militants was constantly on their neck to pay him, but when some of the militants charms became impotent, they became angry and accused him of reversing the charms he prepared for them.

When the State Police Public Relation Officer, DSP Andrew Enwerem was contacted he said the command was yet to be briefed on the incident.




  1. thats y i say to myself I can never,worship In any Pentecostal Church if it is not catholic, then i won’t attend

    • U got it wrong dear, dere different bw herbalist pastor nd genuine pastor ok, Nobody is begging you to worship in penticostal ok stick to were u believe

    • is not of ur business that’s y my comment, were everyone is entitled to his/her opinion

    • She is right, though am Pentecostal you won’t see catholic anyhow . But Pentecostal you have up to ten if the street s very long.they are everywhere. Parlour,bedroom, stores,packing motor space etc. Just too much.

    • If I lecture you about Catholic you won’t step your foot there again have you heard about Alexander de great and how he pollute Catholic Church

    • Most native doctors now v churches n disguise as prophets now cos ppl prefer to go there than enter into their shrines.

    • @ Cynthiamagret, you are on point dear, I am a Christian and proud to be a Catholic I am a Catholic hallelujah praise d Lord

    • Awesome. Catholic for life. Im in school and I attended a pentecostal church to avoid mass, regretted it a lot, saw only confused teens and crazy dudes with fake accents and crazy names like ‘primate’ 🙂 . I mean, WTF?

    • Well said @ Cynthia magret, no need to join issues with anyone! You got a good church, just abide there. There are lots o wolves in sheep clothing out there!

    • I hate it wen people generalises things, hungry has made people to start acting like pastors, some are herbalist calling dem selves pastors, decieving people here and there, spoilng d name of pastors but one thing is certain, dey dosnt last b4 God exposes dem just like dis one here, so lets be mindful of how we generalise things cos even in d roman catholics evil do happens, dere re fake Rev father’s dt also has juju hidden on dere alters nd i have heard of such time wtout numbers and cos of dt i can call all Rev evil or fake , so lets be mindul of wot we say afterall in d bible wot u wil see is prophet’s, pastors, Evangelist , apostles etc not Reverend father bt dosnt mean i wil castigate dem, Gracia !!!

    • Lmao well Cynthiamagret Unaegbu you are entitled to ur comment 100% but every one has his own issue.. not only Pentecostal.. Catholic do have their bahd effect… Why pray through Mary or honor her… Remember wen Jesus died the curtain in the temple broke showing no more wall btw yhu and God yhu can now pray directly to God through ur advocate Jesus Christ but why say holy Mary mother of God pray for us? Any body could have bin marry it’s just favour… But nobody could be Jesus get that also

    • Remember Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one goes to the father except through me… He never stated mary

  2. I don’t just understand what this world is turning to”God should come in time.let man be?

  3. End time ,unna were d comment unna long ask unna pastor d kindof power were d use 4 unna and d kind of assignments were d do for unna ,

  4. You can imagine. These spirits, Saint Paul have already said, should be tested. Not all pastors are pastors

  5. na 2day him start am?No but na 2day God open him black yatch.una wey dey find miracle church she be una dey see am?

  6. That u see many of them in d church doesn’t mean they are d choosing one.. Devil go to church too

  7. BUSTED…chai Nigerian pastors! @Cynthiamargret my sister forget o nothing like Holy Catholic church!!.…take it or leave it…

  8. Are u people surprised? we are in d last days d Bible made it clear dat if it were possible even d very elect shal b deceived. Every believer needs d spirit of God to direct his path.


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