Viral News 43 year old sister of Bayelsa state gov wife engaged to her...

43 year old sister of Bayelsa state gov wife engaged to her 29 year old lover(Photos)


Age is just a number as Tari Konyefa, the younger sister to wife of Bayelsa state Governor got engaged to her 29 year old lover Miebi Albert.

The couple who started dating in March 2016, got engaged during her 43rd birthday party at a Popular Hotel in Bayelsa on December 12th…

She has a child from a previous marriage and the couple are always sharing loved up photos of each other on social media.

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  1. Mehn this is what i call love despite the age. i mean madana is over 50 with a 27 years old lover and some people claiming young couple cant even bost of their spouse out there..

  2. I love that! Bfor u no any guy,the first question wen dem go ask na wetin be ur age? See love as e dey smell lik GivenchyPlay.

  3. Thats life, age is just a number nothing will pass u bye bcos of ur age, thats life nd we have to face the reality

  4. He does not knw wat he is in for…wen she go pepper an him go carry him Ghana must go bag,go back to d gutters wen she pick an from…yeye dey smell

  5. Smile… Is good… Robert Magabe president of Zimbabwe is 92 his wife is 52 so no big deal my future wife is still sucking breast wherever she is now…

  6. It is only women dat are after money ba? If it’s a woman now, she doesn’t love him she’s after his money, now dats a man I wonder what He’s after, her heart ba?

  7. Houston Chimezie Nwachukwu Blessing Akinlabi Edoni Emmanuel Doris Tombiri Akindipe Wariebiowei Wisdom Nma Orji Favour Owou

  8. Dis woman has stop menstruating. Wat does d guy want?i believe is going to b a contract wedding

  9. I don’t get where the attraction is for this young man.Is it the gap in her teeth that leaks rice and water that is ‘freaking’ him or what?

  10. The guy is above 29yrs, and d lady is not up to 40yrs. who so every wrote this story is a lier, am a bayelsan, I know the lady. World people owna wicked o.

  11. Is a good one I want to be seeing more of this enough is enough is not everything 62 years old man will be married to a 22 yrs girl

  12. I think this guy has an interior motives,but he should be careful so dat he don’t regret it,

  13. Governor wife sister,ah even thou she 80 but she’s single engagement ring must appear .my sister congratulations ohhh

  14. The Guy Wan Chop Money And Run Away. Na Dat Tym Him Go Say My Mama Say No. And I Need To Obey

  15. Ha! Ladies, why una dey attack them like this, are you jealous? Because she is marrying a hansome young man?

  16. Dem go say na love sha Me I close mouth o, no be for my mouth una go hear say, Monkey go market and im no come back

  17. is the gov wife sister. she no be the gov ooo. maybe the guy is richer than her but,just because he is not link wit any public figure. u have condem him to be poor. if ur jealous go &fin urs.

  18. If na woman people go say na money she de find from that man,now tell me wetin dat boy de find from dat woman paper abi????

  19. The guy thinks he is smart…. Very soon the governor will be out of power and the money and contract will stop then he will run away …. Barawo !! ¡!!!!… Thief.

  20. is dis one servant or husband . bros I hope u are nt going after her money if any . anyway good luck

  21. My sister go and marry atleast your age mate,you can only cage him with money but it won’t last,not my business but as my fellow woman am just giving you an advice because that kind of marriage hardly work,but goodluck shaa.

  22. Guy, do Ur things,,,, make I do my things,,,,, life is a process…. Na compass for him side,,,,,,, love follow for the compass.

  23. That boy is a thief bcs of money he married that human, if that human don’t have money again he will run


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