News 41 Nigerians Deported From UK Arrive Nigeria, Some To Complete Jail Term...

41 Nigerians Deported From UK Arrive Nigeria, Some To Complete Jail Term in Kirikiri


At least, 41 Nigerians were this morning deported from the United Kingdom. They arrived at the cargo terminal of the Lagos airport, in an unmarked Air bus aircraft which touched ground at exactly 7:40 a.m.

Among the deportees are prisoners who would complete their jail terms in Nigeria. They all looked sober with forlorn faces as they disembarked. The Nigerians deported are 41, which include 33 males and 8 females.

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Officials of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), police men and aviation security personnel were on ground to receive the deportees.

Credit: DailyTrust



  1. My friend wey go America just last year.. If we dey talk on phone and I speak Igbo.. He would like… “ooh gosh wats dat, mehn u sound like crazy, what kinda fucking language is dat?” in American accent. Mehn today to my greatest surprise he spoke Igbo, He called me and was like “Mala biko achoron iyogi ka nnodi na nke GI biko Trump si anyi naa. ( Mala please I want to beg u to accommodate me in ur house Trump asked us to return to our country.. Me too come use American accent.. “Ooh my gosh Ebuka is dat u..? This sound like crazy, what happened to ur mother fuckin accent.?

  2. I was there this morning at the cargo Airport.This deportation has become a common sight for me cos Nigerians are deported night and day at least thrice a month.May God heal our land…

  3. Na d ones wey go complete their jail term in kirikiri I dey pity.. In US cells are like cinemas, they treat u like kings and u feel comfortable… But in naija only d smells dat emanates from d surrounding alone will send u to d land of no return..

    • Lol. Who is this guy? You are a clown, why are you so funny like this? Can’t stop laughing. Mehn, you should be a comedian. Your first comment about your Friend made me laugh, this one again. You’re funny.

    • so people are sent to jail because they were deported from another country,is dat a new law or just meme

  4. Some will be happy with trump because dose dat their father husband uncles and aunties travelled and did nt remember home may be deported lol and those dat are to complete jail term in kirikiri i have a song for u mr oga welcome to welcome to welcome to 9ja

  5. You all are highly welcome home. No place like home. Just settle down here in your country God will surely bless you. At least no one will deport you again from this country.

  6. hmmm dis man trump get mind to deport even prisoners. so he want dem to come and die in dis naija cell

  7. In sister Agatha voice.. *You are welcome in the name of Buhari..×2 *I can only pity you!,wetin hunger go do you *You are welcome into this our CHANGE!!.. A round of applause please!!

  8. My friend when go UK yesterday,he successfully call me say he don reach ooh to my surprise the guy don com back today,i nor talk say then deploy the guy ooooh

  9. lolzz,d rest of dia enjoyment dy 4 kirikiri……Dy wil learn mor on hw 2 speak foreign language?

  10. funny yea,buh the truth is dis,not all nigerians are deported,only those who entered the country illegally dat was deported..”as am dropin dis comment am still in uk wrap ur mouth wen u hear finz u dn’t knw?

  11. Is DAT nt “Ghana must go” am looking at dia??? Wat happened to d box bag dey went with??? Or is DAT a gift from trump?? #Talking on serious note,DAT man is taking it too far.

  12. Looking at d frm d oda aspect,I tink dis will trigger Nigerian youth to invest n bring up new innovation,and dis wil bring abt change in d way tinz r in d country

  13. It’s 41 again,not 83 anymore.all these our bloggers Sha.una really relate to liar Mohammed.

  14. We need to know how many male and female that was deported….so that we to know where to fix them….those of them,that wish to stay in Lagos we can get them job, it depends on ur’ Chioce, job that are Available e.g BRT ticketer,Lasma,security Job at Vi and Lekki,cleaner Etc….u nah no anything u nah go hear ween.

  15. running outside the country will not help,u wil be what u want to be in ur fathers land,when are we going to learn?

  16. That’s really so annoying because some people have made it there and now living comfortable there

  17. U people shouldn’t be rejoicing over people’s down fall, those people that were deported if they were to be ur father, brother, wife and children will u people mock them

  18. people with greener pasture…….dere is global warming now let me see were the pasture will be

  19. SO THEY CAME BACK FROM UK WITH GHANA MUST GO BAG RYT? Hmmmm NYC one …the thunder that will strike you is still massaging buhari in the hospital

  20. My Lawd 41? E better make I dey here suffer dan go jand go suffer. E dey bloody over there. Forget o


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