Entertainment News Celebrity Gist 2face Idibia announces dress code for the February 6th protest

2face Idibia announces dress code for the February 6th protest


The 2face-led protest, One Voice Nigeria has of course been the topic of Discussion everywhere after it’s announcement. The legendary singer has announced the dress code for the well publicized Nationwide protest.

Wear something GREEN!

As shared on his Instagram page, see below:-



  1. i support this protest 100% this to let our leaders to no will are not happy with the present situation in the nigeria economy.

  2. This protest is the silliest act ever to be put up by an icon like him.He is acting bad ass,he will soon get his ass whipped

    • Do I look like a politician? Donot be silly,he has no business with the government.Please tell me what Buhari has done wrong? #AntiProtestTuface

    • I never used vulgar and insults to express my thoughts,I was talking to literate not sucker shit like you festus.Your name is the silliest name have ever heard,I bet your mom did not graduated high school before having you because if she did she will teach moral and how to relate and express your self with using words like f**k silly dude

    • Na wa oooo,u wount abuse the guy alone,u now abuse His mother too,Facebook has given u all the power to talk any how,if u don’t like or support the idea of the protest y not stay quite n let other people do what d want concerning the protest,every body has an opinion ,urs must not over rule others,pls behave urself,if Buhari has not done wrong keep it to urself, bcos for some other people he has done wrong,stop all this ur noise n abuses on people,its [email protected]

    • I never insulted him,he told me to fuck myself.No offense at all and when I was expressing my view I never discriminated others view but he used vulgar and insults first so am not to be blamed @ ibor

    • Ayomide it seems u are very confortable wit d situation of dis naija, even if u are extremely ok buh sum pple are not. 2baba might be rich buh he cares dia are sum pple out dia suffering. nd i pray 4 God protection on every1 goin 4 d protest

    • No one is comfortable buh Rome was not built in a day so we have to give the president time and we have to support him

    • Silliest act? na ur leg we wan use go protest…abi na u get de protest…! i guess ur brain de pain yu..!

    • Hey Ediga, I never for once criticised any one opinion so you have no f**king right to lay insults at me.Maybe na you your brain no dey work because protesting will just make you end up in dss custody.

  3. Please wait till Buhari is back to the country before you protest. Doing it behind him will not effective

  4. Ah pray don’t arrest u like dey did to kalu. In buhari’s voice” naijeria z a kwarruption kwantiri!!!

  5. I will stand with 2baba… But I will be at home praying for you… You know this dss boys no know fine girls…

    • Support tha protest is the dumbest thing to do.Please folks tell what is wrong with Buhari govt,I’mma tell you tha the govt has been crushed by tha ex president so u think buhari is a magician who will transform the economy in weeks.You should think before you act,imagine it being your uncle or even father,any body related to you is in Buhari position.Will you protest? I’mma Nigerian American so I think to’ should get your weenies up and think straight

    • I stand with d [email protected] Ayomide. Before this administration came to power , d had there protest n where allowed to do so. When a govt policy don’t favor d citizens, d r allow to protest, y stop a protest that d themselves enjoyed n where allowed to have during last administration. Where Nigeria economy is now, is d result of present administration.stop d bleme games n take responsibility for ur action under ur administration.

    • Anyone who claims there is nothing wrong wt buhari’s govt is either dead or blind and deaf. So wt 2 baba i stand.

    • @Ayomide u probably are still living and been feed by your parents, if you are fending for yourself or lost ur job because of inconsistent government policy u won’t be talking trash. If you aren’t protesting then stay in ur house and watch us on TV, who ur presence epp

    • Ayomide Oguntoyinbk you actually know nothing…. You have not failed till you start blaming others for your failure..you can say anything you like about the ex president if actually his the cause… What is APC slogan ”change”” ahbi? Why was buhari saying he was going to bring one dollar to one naira em no think say em no b magician dat time ahbi baba go carry em corpse frm uk

    • @ayomide when president Jonathan was on dat sit Bwari is nw,d Economic is not dat bad,d price of rice, food items r so on,is much better dan nw

    • @ayomide when president Jonathan was on dat sit Bwari is nw,d Economic is not dat bad,d price of rice, food items r so on,is much better dan nw

  6. February 2015, it was FEBUHARI and fast forward two years after, it is FAILEDBUHARI. How time flies!!! #Istandforgoodgovernance# #IstandwithTubaba

  7. Ah respect ur courage 2BABA,at least 4thinking outside d BOX of bin a celebrity..never knew u care 4us,,blessings 4ollo u..ah stand wt 2baba.

    • Dumbest act to ever be put up by a celeb like him.Maybe he got done tops from PDP,think of it what do you gain protesting and getting your ass banged up later on

    • Ayomide Oguntoyinbk no body has the right to stop the protest it’s constitutional unless this evil govt. ..

    • U guys shu not forget d colour of d dressing code is Green,you can mix it wit white, green, white green

    • U guys shu not forget d colour of d dressing code is Green,you can mix it wit white, green, white green

  8. Nothing will happen if anything should happen u will see war, the war buhari is scared of he will see it. We can’t be suffering and smiling

  9. The comments I see here makes me happy .. BUT. my question is that *ARE WE GOING TO COME OUT TO SUPPORT 2FACE NOT MAKING NOISE ON SOCIAL MEDIA? *#ISTANDWITH2BABA

  10. Me,I go carry canes nd koboko incase of any herdsmen interceptions. I’ll dress like native doctor.

  11. oh, I was just wish I am in Lagos to join this protest physically #istandwith2baba jorh

  12. 2baba,you are more than a star.Even on that day,we stand by you with everything in us,2baba.Let them go and hire more Fulanis from their devil serving countries and give them more AK47 to kill and pay them,we shall protest.Enough is enough!

    • Let them come with weapon,,we shall go in the name of our God,Jehovah.I know,nothing will happen to him in Jesus name.Just support him with ur prayers,even if you can’t go out.One love!

  13. Hahaha all the idiots that are saying we stand with you, we stand with you! That day they will back off sleep at home and leave u with the battle

  14. I am with 2baba but na inside una house all of una go dey on dat day!!…As for me I get believe in 2face to carry out this planned protest to the maximum effect!!

  15. Thought they said Lagos state government has stopped the planned protest, What dress code again? Abi the protest don turn fashion parade where eko hustlers go come showcase wetin their mama give dem?

  16. peaceful protest now crime in our country Nigeria? I stand wit 2face….. We can’t continue this way please. Stand for truth ,stand for right of our citizen

  17. I stand wit 2 baba, love u more for dis.stood ur ground for ur country.wil support wit my prayer.GOD BLESS US, GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  18. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dis protest, but my question is after the protest will the price of garri, rice change,, will naira go back to 180?

  19. I stand with 2baba….i just pray the protest should be calm,because this soldiers and DSS are not funny they don’t known Nigerian.

  20. Is Tubaba not risking his life in this kind of adventure, he would have protested maybe thru the media or through blogs, wat if anything happens to him,all of u will not be dia to bear the pain,so tubaba need to have a rethink

    • Kai I wanted to rply ur comments base on I disagree with ur statement am angry wit wat u said and wen I wanted to rply u in my angry mood I now lok up @ ur name I discover u bearing the same surname wit me and all my mora was lik chai chai chai

    • D Kingdom of suffered violent….emancipation of mental slavery…don’t be fooled by dem

  21. U know Nigerians are not always appreciative, wen u finish dying for dem,they still stab u at the back. Ekwuchalam

  22. If is the will of God, he will be with u throughout the protest and u will succeed in Jesus name Amen

  23. Honestly am in support of this protest… But just like I have said before, 2baba be careful please.. Nigerians will rally behind you but will stay indoor if anything goes wrong… #Istandwith2baba

  24. 2Baba carry go, I’m behind u. Anyway I will do my own protest here on social media. We are together

  25. I stand with 2face. I stand for good governance. The kwarruptian in this kwantiri is getting out of hand.

  26. I have no problem with anybody..d president or the entertainer…….all Am concern abt is wearing green…..flying my nation colour…..it’s a free protest….Not wear anything red or black with shinnig blades…..#oneloveforfreedomfighters

  27. Either protest or not am with baba bcoz he is trying to be a leader is not easy.. …. . Let pray for him he will surely make things easier for us very soon

  28. The police are saying that it will not support and provide security during the protest. But the same police and other security agencies are fully ready for the Lagos state/Access Bank Marathon 2017

  29. The police are saying that it will not support and provide security during the protest. But the same police and other security agencies are fully ready to be on standby during Lagos state/Access Bank Marathon 2017

  30. Code GREEN……am with u 2baba. Bt not literally with u..I belong to de Washington and clapington group… We watch and cheer fr u behind de screen.


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