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Man Beats Younger Brother To Death In Ebonyi State



23-Year Old Beat Younger Brother To Death In Ebonyi StateA 23-year old man has been detained over the murder of his younger brother whom he allegedly beat to death in Ebonyi state over errand refusal.

The incident, which took place in a community at Ebonyi, was said to have started when the mother of the deceased tried sending the younger brother on an errand but he refused.

According to reports,

“Last Friday, July 28, a boy called Onu was sent on an errand by his mother but he refused to go.

Eventually his elder brother, David, returned from a journey same day and his mother reported him to his elder brother. “His brother started beating Onu and he fell down. He was rushed to the hospital. The first hospital declined to handle him.

“They then rushed him to another hospital in Owutu Edda, where he was admitted. “The following day, beingSaturday, the boy died. The family reported the matter to the Police Station, but the Police directed them to deposit his remains at the morgue.

“Strangely again, the mortuary department of the General Hospital in Owutu Edda rejected the corpse, saying they don’t have chemicals for preserving corpse.

They then took him home for burial, but the Police did not allow them bury him. They later took the body to another mortuary.”

Police PR DSP Jude said he would get back to the press as soon as he retuned to the office.

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