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18 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide Because Mother Cut Off Internet While Gaming



18 year-old Paul Bickle jumped to his death after his mom turned off his Playstation internet connection.

According to the mother, he stormed out of his home, made his way to a bridge over the M42 and committed suicide.

A rift over a computer game sparked suicidal thoughts in the mind of the 18-year-old but she believes that is not the reason for his death.

According to her, it was merely a catalyst in a young life plunged into chaos by clinical depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The memories of those final hours was not made any less painful by that knowledge.

“He was upstairs on his PlayStation and started shouting and swearing,” Donna says softly, weighing each word. “I told him it was not acceptable, but the shouting and swearing and banging got worse.”

“I didn’t go upstairs after that. I was shouting ‘Stop it! Calm down!’ I was really distressed.”

“I said ‘If you don’t stop this, I’ll turn it off’. Then I turned off the internet connection.”



  1. Hahahaa????, seriously men, a suicide, 4 a game not worth more than $30. LMAO. I wonder how he will tell God he died b’cos of gaming.

  2. That means they can’t stay in Nigeria they with all kill themselves. No light. No food. No security. No water. Northing is working here


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