Art & Humour 17 year old boy grabs the butt of his girlfriend in new...

17 year old boy grabs the butt of his girlfriend in new photo


A 17 year old boy has taken to his Facebook page to share a sultry picture of himself and his Girlfriend all in PDA Mode.

The boy with the name Andre could be seen grabbing the butt of his girlfriend in one picture, and in another, the his girl posed like someone who is giving an

The picture of course has been met with mixed reactions with many demanding where their parents are.

It’s been 24 hours since he shared the photo and it doesn’t seem the over 100 comments he had garnered on the photo can shake him.


  1. End time children…instead of grabbing WASSCE question paper, they’re grabbing butts…issoryt•••

  2. Woah! It clearly shows they lack proper home training. They’re from a home & also area where the people there aren’t vigilant and morally strict

  3. It’s a corrupt world that we are in.Funny thing is if the 17 year old bf does not grab it,one shameless 50 year old will GRAB it for him

  4. These re teens whom the devil is simply using their destinies to watch premier League.. I wonder how d world wud be in 20 yrs to com, if tins like dis already occurs Anyways, how e tak concern… #BusyWithMyOwnBussiness#

  5. Youth do this also I wonder why they are not on FB too… This is not just a case of teens but the general public. Married men following young girls vice-versa.. Bottom line let’s just chill till we get married..!!

    • @ Osakwe Victor, you are very right. Porn every where makes this even possible for children not even teens alone. Its done by old, married, single and all. The act itself is wrong but posting this on fb by the boy is something else.

  6. Lol,he needs deliverance,coz looking at these i can see as a waste to his family.. This kind of people don’t think about future always thinking of the babe to sex with next. Even now that we don’t know who is human being and who is a snake. He might end up sleeping with a ghost one day… Am not surprised.. Just pitting his mom why she gave birth to a he goat..

  7. What a world, better face ur studies and become something in this society. E get people wey pass u, you own na play .

  8. Some youths, even adults, handle relationships like the domestic fowl (hit and go one million times, no wahala) and end up never happy or satisfied. They are totally ignorant children. Pain will teach them better

    • It’s your cross because if you refuse to talk and correct issues like this…hell might be your portion….or do you love to go to hell??

    • I’ll never go hell because of someone else’s case. Even the bible said if this one finger will lead you to hell,you better cut it off.

  9. Girls who text you “I’m home alone & bored” are just too ashamed of writing “I’m horny”

    • E concern you sir….pls be your brother’s keeper…. On the last day might be asked why you didn’t correct him or her when you saw them doing wrong….don’t you think that can take you to hell???? I pray we all make heaven. Amen. God bless you.

  10. Let us say a word of prayer. And those of you yabbing them, make sure you are not doing worse in the bedroom because they are your replica. They are just representing you in public

  11. Letting a guy misuse you in your teens and you think it’s cool.Wait and find out who he marries when he gets older

  12. I pity the parents that gave birth to d both of them, . Instead of focusing on der future dey are here wasting der time. Later they wil start saying dat someone from der village doesn’t want der progress and is blocking der way. #Abasha, #Iranu

  13. Ah nawa o d world ez 2 nd end 17yrs tel ez dz 1 old enough 2 b doing dz kind stuff wot of if e impregant sum1 e capable 2 carry/bear d resonpbilitie no e cn’t cuz ez nt old enough . Sumpple we say dnt u kwn dat we ‘er in computer age yea but did computer teach us nt 2 bring/teach our child into bcomin a responble adult in society teach child in a gud way,lukin at dz picture i cn say ez a reflection porn graph photo 2ru internet .Well jst passin

  14. let them enjoy themselves…after all we do ours…buh am just looking at the way he grab d gals butt like video game …maybe he dey play man yu chelsea

  15. I don’t blame d guy.It is the stupid girl I blame.She is a disgrace to girls.She is a public dog.If she dnt allow him he won’t harass her like dat

  16. wat is u ppl business……. tell me u didn’t do more Dan dat.. u ll not focus on ur life buh be looking for stories to make money

  17. Ps2 Witawt Television Nawa O..Ah Knw Dis Guy Lyks Grabbing Butt Hia And Dia..Dats His Hobby.Make Una Free Am Joor

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  19. Everybody been comment like good ppl…but nobody knows what you guys do in your backyards….we all do ours too…abi any gal dey here wey be virgin??NO so stop criticising probably cuz it’s on social media……let them flex…aunty Ruth I saw you ooo at ‘da riches’ bar

  20. Everybody dey do like saint..probably cus it’s on social media….all the gals here can anyone prove she is a virgin….you all have what you do at your backyards….worst than this so stop criticising….and let them be…since they do it with each other

  21. Una dey talk….but rape nko…it’s now a normal thing abi…..Nigerians ghaan…..una sabi reason person matter ehn…….okay this guy is no 17…who wats to argue that…mtheew….naija this is what you like

  22. Very soon this girl go post rubbish to gossip mill telling them she have don jamb 10time and got 250 and above and the school refuses to given her admission

  23. Dear friends is all about value, don’t blame her, reason: she has not develop into mental majority n she don’t have d understanding dat she’s better dan dat. So, in her understanding, she’s better; interpreting to all unknown to her dat, she don’t have value for herself. But for her, she thot she got d sewag to please dat guy n tell d world how foolish she is in understanding. Dear teen, grow up, no time to waste (not even for a guy); hence, u go dey do nonsense, express go pass u. Just REPENT for ur own good. There’s time for everything. One Love People. One Love.