General 11-Year-Old ‘Delighted’ After Being Named World’s Hairiest Girl

11-Year-Old ‘Delighted’ After Being Named World’s Hairiest Girl


Supatra Sasuphan, who may be known as “monkey face” or “wolf girl” is the worlds’ hairiest girl but has not let anything to weigh her down in life.
The young school girl is faced with ha rare genetic disease which only 50 people in this world currently are suffering from.
Rather than let it bring her down or ruin her life. Supatra is happy with her life, and currently she is holding the worlds’ hairiest girl. She is also happy with how things are going with her and she is doing very well in school.
Her teacher revealed that she works very hard in school and she is aspiring to be a doctor, so that she can look after the sick and also her family.
Supatra insists her condition is “who she is” and is happy with how she is. Her family consider her a “normal little girl.”


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