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10 Top celebs who really don’t deserve their fame and fortune




Celebs who really don’t deserve their fame – In modern show business, few celebrities truly deserve star status. It’s makes you realize how much of a sick, backwards world it is when a celebrity makes hundreds of times the money of a doctor or soldier, just for having their lives broadcast on television.

Some people will do just about anything to get their 15 minutes of fame. Reality television, competition panel shows and downright idiotic behavior drives fame-seekers to all-time lows. Nowadays it seems like people not only crave fame and fortune, but believe they are entitled to it, even if they’re not willing to put in the hard work.

Whether they like it or not, celebrities take on the responsibility of role models. Children grow up exposed to ludicrous behavior, that’s inevitable, but they should not grow up seeing that type of behavior rewarded. It seems like many celebrities live by the mantra “there’s no such thing as bad press,” purely because they don’t have the talent to justify their fame and riches. Well, there is such a thing as bad press. If certain so-called celebrities would place their own sense of self-righteousness aside for just one second, and look at the damage their actions cause to society, they would understand that!

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Celebrity worship is a global epidemic that seems to be getting worse. The first stage to fighting it is recognizing the ringleaders. We hope you’ll agree that the following 10 celebrities certainly do not deserve fame and fortune.

  1. Justin Bieber


He’s the former child prodigy who has legions of adoring fans, broken chart records and amassed a fortune of $200 million. Yes, he can sing, dance and play a few instruments, but he’s just a musician! Besides, anyone who is as rude to fans as he is, drives under the influence, cracks racist jokes and orders his bodyguards to assault paparazzi (as annoying as they must be), does not deserve respect or riches. If Justin Bieber‘s music was truly groundbreaking and monumental, perhaps his fame would be more understandable, but there’s absolutely nothing special about his voice or songwriting. I guess some things will always remain a mystery.

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