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10 Things Nigerian Guys Will Say While ‘Toasting’ You


Nigerian guys could be so annoying when it comes to asking women out. If you are a Nigerian, you will understand the word ‘toast’ as this is what most people can relate to in the society.

We would be looking at the things Nigerian guys say while trying to toast women. We are sure you must have met some of these annoying guys who follow this guide when it is time to ask women out. Most men in Nigeria follow this pattern when they want to approach women they like.

Find below some of the annoying things Nigerian guys do while trying to toast women:

1. ‘Essquiz me sister’



Oh no. Nigerian guys do know how to burst one’s bubbles with their introductory statement. They have a way of calling you while trying to talk to you. It would be super nice for them to go poetic when trying to talk to women.

Some have failed in this area though as they crammed someone else’s lines and got stuck in between. This phrase is usually preceded by whistling. They leave the women wondering who their sisters are.

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2. Where is your base?



Nigerian guys can be so ridiculous with the foolish questions they ask women. It is so frustrating when they talk to women and they ask this question within two minutes of chatting the women up.

What do they want to do with this information by the way?

3. Are you not Folake? You look familiar



This is very annoying, every lady they walk up to is always looking familiar. This is their primitive way of striking a conversation.

And when they think they are smart by trying to guess the ladies’ names, it pisses the ladies off the more. What is wrong in walking up to women and being straight? Must they always follow this archaic guide?

4. Can I have your phone number?

And after wasting your time for some minutes, some Nigerian guys feel it is normal for you to exchange contacts. What for? Anyways, some ladies are mild and may break the rule of not dropping their phone numbers at first meeting.

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5. What are you doing?



After giving your phone number to some of these guys, you will have to put up with some of the annoying things they would be saying to you over the phone. This is their supposed way of showing love and care! They would keeping calling your phone to ask you annoying questions like this. They naturally assume it is their right to know what you are up to.

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