Editorials Top 5's 10 Simple Secrets On How To Have A Better Shaped Butt

10 Simple Secrets On How To Have A Better Shaped Butt


Khloe-MAINWhat Works Best for My Butt

I love my butt — and my tummy’s not too shabby either. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. I’m 42, I had a baby this year, and my lower half is basically cellulite free. No, it’s not just good genes: I’ve been a fitness editor and exercise physiologist for 17 years, and I just wrote my 34th get-a-better-butt story. I’ve also written 29 features on getting fab abs. I’ve gotten some great advice, and I took it to heart; now I want to share it with you. Here are my favorite strategies, culled from interviews with top trainers, instructors, and sports-medicine doctors.

1. Keep Your Rear in Plain View

If you’re not in love with your butt, you may hide it under long, droopy T-shirts. But Tracey Mallett, star of the Renew You Sleek & Lean DVD, gave me the best piece of advice a few years ago: “If you’re targeting a body part, make sure you can see it in the clothes you wear.”

It’s motivating to see those muscles working while you sweat! Focusing on your butt? Wear yoga pants or tight-fitting shorts.



  1. Would have been better to show pictures of what ur talking about instead of showing pictures of those who did surgery to get a better butt… Thanks

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