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10 Perfect Nigerian Celebrity Marriage That Might Never Get A Divorce Or A Break Up


We’ve experienced not just one, but numerous celebrity break ups which of course is very alarming.

This leaves us wondering if the concept of a ‘Perfect Match’ still really exists

Despite these marital woes, there still exist some celebrity couples who we all adore their love and union that we can’t just imagine them apart!

Here is a list of some Nollywood Celebrity Couples We Can’t Imagine Apart.


10. Tunde and Wunmi Obe.


This couple have been together for over 16 years and they’re still going strong.

Speaking with a PremiumTimes reporter, the Duo said they can never ever break up, not even as a music group but also as a couple.

Music stars, Tunde and Wunmi Obe, popularly known as TWO, have said they cannot break up as a music group, not even for publicity sake.

The duo, who spoke at a press conference in Lagos, said they were not just best friends, but happily married with kids and are seen as role models by several persons within and outside the entertainment industry.

“How do we explain to our kids whose friends in school will ask them if the split is true?” Wunmi said. “Do we say, ‘See daddy and mummy are just playing so we can sell records and make headlines?’ Ours goes beyond just music. We were members of the same band then became best friends, dated and married, so it’s not going to be easy to split up.”

On their scandal free career, the Mogbo Moya singers said they had learnt to deal with issues as mature adults and had stuck to the persons they started out with from the beginning.

“We are lucky, we have been working with the same manager, same people for over decades,” Tunde said. “Whenever we have any disagreement, we talk like mature adults. We have never had any confrontational period. I’m her best friend, she’s my best friend. When you don’t talk to your best friend you know how it feels.

“We make a joke of everything like “Wetin dey do you sef?” That’s the kind of relationship we have. We always communicate with a lot of respect. If you talk to me respectfully and I talk to you with respect, where will the quarrel come from and that’s the same thing about our marriage.”

Tunde jokingly blamed their clean image for their lack of brand endorsements.

“Maybe you (should) ask the brands, because I don’t understand,” he said. “It is giving the impression that having a clean image is not ok in Nigeria. Maybe we need a little bit of scandal in our lives, but we don’t know. It’s as shocking as ever.”



  1. I love ur marriage, ur marriage is an inspiration to many marriages keep d love burning. I wish same for myself

  2. My Role model am proud of u keep d love growing in ur family it is well with u. I wish u safe delivery.

  3. I agree wt d list xcept d one of Chris and Damilola Attoh for two reasons, one dey just got married dis yr, in as much as im nt prayin for dem to split, d truth is dat all d odas had few yrs to many yrs marriages, d Attohs are barely a yr old in deir marriage, secondly celebrities ike Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, p squqre, and few odas av bin married for a while and could av replaced d Attohs…my opinion

  4. Waoh! This is lovely, My dear i am taping to this wonderful blessings,is only GOD that can do it, Wishing you and your family more GOD’s blessings and Safe delivery.

  5. why r u jealous of her? @ love come down. u don marry so? its nt easy oh beb. just tank GOD for her

  6. Am so happy for u my Frnd in all u do makes me happy, may God bless ur home in Jesus Name l pray amen, plz make u happy all time n the children God give to u ok one Luv sister

  7. Yes another pregnancy Mhiz Nissilyn Anything wrong with that She’s living with a man. My u look great…

  8. I thank God for u be bless in Jesus name amen pls dis my no08034842901 i want to be an actress pls helpe m i love u

  9. Don’t worry or care of what people say about u my friend keep moving any your marriage if you like born every day noting concz them! Nah jealous go kill them

  10. No one ever pray for divorce but it does occur when u least expected. Oyakilome the teacher and pastor was faced with divorce threat, okotie and many other prominent personnel. It is not there wish but it occurred in their marriages

  11. the no 1 is chioma chukwuka she is the best when it comes to marriage have u ever heard that she did this or that

  12. God bless ur marriage,and ur family.and dont worry of wat people say about u my frend keep movin with ur life big sis.bh still lookin sexy despite ebig belle.luv u very much

    • It’s Lord doing but not by their human perfection, for we are all infallible, congratulations.

  13. Marriage is a close union between a man and a woman and in marriage it last for eternity may the good lord who brought u two together complete it happy blissful marriage MRS MERCY JOHNSON OZIOMA OKOJIE

  14. Who wants to break dem up? Why do we have to think this way, they will never break up, its not my business or our business

  15. De mama,up uoooo nice wonderful ,and blessed family.. keep it up,am waiting to see other baby

  16. My sunshine u too much. May almighty God protect u and ur lovely family in Jesus name Amen.

  17. Our noble Actress, You are so wounderful. May God keep on blessing u with family . And happy birthday to ur daughter. Remain Bless. We love you so much.

  18. ur marriage is an inspirations too other and I pray u and u husband will never acorss divorcing either have a fight..-i pray blessings and mercy will never live u home bc I always wnt too engage with the love of my heart rofiat Amen

  19. People may say so many things to upset u. but dnt just mind dem carry go more grease to elbow. May GOD ALMIGHTY continue to blx ur marriage alwz. Amen

  20. In marriage is good to trust nd underesting each other nd have fear of god may god heip us in jesus name

  21. Children are gift frm God,blessing to there parents, if u hav money to take good care of them , good, beautiful hav them many u will b happy at old age , Not wrong with that, is just poverty that is making people nt to have many children now, I love you girl u are different u didt alllow d industry get in to ur head.

  22. nawa o Nigeria has a long way to go in family planning its no longer only the uneducated ones it’s now all round. Kids are blessings from God yes very true. We really have to be disciplined for God’s sake no matter how rich!!! and we say the country is not developed No No No the people are not developed heck!!!

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    may God bless ur married nd ur family i wise u all the gud thing in life.

  24. Ur an example to every woman, keep it up. Don’t mind those pple that does not appreciate good things.

  25. From the first day i saw ur beautiful face on the screen, i admired u. U are indeed a genius. The hands of God MUST surely uphold ur marriage. Keep on smiling Mercy. It weakens ur enemies. Lolz

  26. Chidrn ar gift from GOD.nigerians stop coutin chidren for are O.Mercy enjoy yourself nobody dey buy babyfood or parmpers forU

  27. Honestly even if I don’t want to watch the movie so long as you are playing a part, I cannot but fix my eyes on the television. You are the best girl.

  28. Your list is not complete without Mide martins & Afeez Abiodun(Yoruba actor & actress) bcuz dey are married for over 12years and blessed with two kids

  29. am really really Happy 4 u Sister mercy n I will always do coz u re really wonderful n u’re really a nice person. I wish u n ur entire family happy n all the best in life n may God Almighty always be wit u people n provide what u people will use 2 train ur family OK n plssssssssss don’t mind what people are saying u know weather good or bad people will always talk so go ahead OK is ur time n no1 will stop u OK God bless n may the blessings of God Almighty be wit u OK. wish u long life n prosperity OK………. Luv u Big Sis……

  30. I thank God 4ur life wishing u d best man rital life kudos .congratulations on ur new born baby may God almighty grant u ur earnest heart desires. Amen

  31. Behind every good marriage, there is hard work and selfless commitment from both parties. Happy married life.

  32. [email protected]

    hmmm a proudly veterans am happy for you great leadership d rest should copy this

  33. Mrs.Mercy, you are not just lucky but you are greatly bless by the almighty God.Keep it up so that the young ones like us can learn from you. (M.Cool)

  34. Mercy Johnson still remains my best anytime.. she carries her home like a true African woman .she doesn’t imitate fake people who divorce any time they want. happy married life to my model n may God continue to strengthen ur home n give u more wisdom to run the institution. IJN.


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